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Sponsorship Application


This application is for: "Green Sponsorship"







• included (any 1) sponsorship and (3) lunch/parking validations 

• ability to lend your sponsorship to a pre approved, "like kind" guest




• Your Logo & “Sponsored by your company” on Coffee/Lunch Station signage

• Organization name & logo under the "government area" - on entry signage 

• right to place your promotional materials on the table at (1) forum


Program Guide:

• Logo and organizational profile in "applicable section" - of the forum program guide


Web Site/Distribution:

• Logo on the home page of "GGFF" web site, "applicable area" 


• Access to recorded forums


• Access to GGFF attendance rosters


• Company name and logo on the event's page and on all e-mail announcement promoting the forum


• Your pitch will be recorded and displayed on a "GGFF" page 



Other Benefits:

• Facilitated Introductions!!

• Opportunity to sit on the advisory board 

• Meet with those likely to utilize your services or program

• Make Contact with others in the industry

• Sponsor only regisration





Price: $3200 for a Green Sponsorship

(Limited to 5 until time of expansion)





STEP 1 - Pay Below: If you pay by credit card ( blue and gold "buy now" button below) you do not have to fill out this application, we will already have your information. 


STEP 2 - Select the "Submit Membership Form Electronically" link to enter all of the required information on this form.  Please be advised, there will be (2) two agree/disagree options on the electronic form.  Please read this form beforehand, as the language of this form is not available to read when you submit electronically.


Thank you,




Submit Membership Form Electronically

If you pay by credit card (through the click to pay button below) you do not have to fill out this application, we will already have your information.

This constitutes an agreement between the forum producer Green Globe, LLC (herein referred to as GGLLC); 

its forum, Green Globe Financing Forum, (herein referred to as "GGFF") and the member and becomes a 

legal and binding contract upon its acceptance. 


Rates and general information which are included on this form constitute a part of the contract.

Green Sponsorship ($3200)


Company: ____________________________________________________________________________

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________________________________________________



Phone:________________________ Web Site: _______________________________________________



Make checks payable to: Green Globe, LLC (Reference “GGFF” on check.)
601 South Figueroa Street, Suite 4050, Los Angeles, CA 90017 Main: (213) 674-6067 Fax: e-fax: (213) 325-3680 


Financial Information for POs or Checks (person to whom invoices should be sent)



City, State, Zip::________________________________________________________________________


Phone:________________________________________ Fax: __________________________________




PO Number (if required) _________________________________________________________________




Secure your place with a deposit of $500 and pay the balance by check or simply pay by check and your sposorship will be processed upon receipt.

Payment by Credit Card


Credit Card Exp _______________


Account #________________________________________________________________ Date_______________

(Check One) Amex_____M/C_____Visa_____ Security Code____________(3 digits MC/Visa-4 digits Amex)

Name Amount
on Card_____________________________________________________Charged_________________________

Billing Address
(if different than above) :________________________________________________________________________


Signature: X _______________________________________________________________________________




Acceptance of Applicant

Upon acceptance of this application by GGLLC and its forum, GGFF, this application shall 

become a binding agreement between the sponsor and GGLLC. Faxed copies of this contract 

are legal and binding. The sponsor acknowledges that none of the sponsor investment is refundable unless 

otherwise stated in the terms and Conditions to the GGLLC Sponsorship Application.

Signature: X__________________________________________________ Date:____________________

Name: ______________________________________________________






Please read this application carefully, print or type all information requested and sign in the space provided.
Return the signed application and initial the second page. 

Make checks payable to: Green Globe, LLC (Reference “GGFF” on check.)
    601 South Figueroa Street, Suite 4050, Los Angeles, CA 90017 Main: (213) 674-6067 e-fax: (213) 325-3680

Please email your organizational logo to: with GGFF in the subject line.

Except for negligence or willful misconduct, neither GGLLC, sponsor, any co-sponsor, meeting 

facility, or other exhibit space provider, nor any of their officers, agents, employees, facilities, other 

representatives, or assigns shall be liable for, and are hereby released from, any claims for damage, loss harm, 

or injury to the person, property or business of the parties or any of its visitors, officers, agents, employees, or 

other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, earthquake, water, unavailability of the exhibition facility 

or intermediate staging facilities, accident, or any other reason in connection with the forum or any 

planning meeting, demonstrations, or stagings. The Sponsor and GGLLC (as the "Indemnifying Parties") 

shall indemnify, defend, protect and hold the other (the "Indemnified party"), their officers, directors,

agents, and employees, harmless from: any and all third-party claims, demands, suits brought or threatened;

damages, losses, costs, reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses which result or arise from negligence 

or willful misconduct in connection with the Indemnifying Party's participation in the forum, provided that 

(1) the Indemnified Party gives prompt notice of the claim to the other party; (ii) the Indemnifying Party has 

sole control over the defense of the claim, including any decision to settle; and (iii) the Indemnified

Party provides the other party with all reasonable assistance therein. GGLLC shall not be responsible 

for the security of Sponsors equipment or its proprietary software or hardware information, and Sponsor 

shall have full responsibility for any theft or other loss, including any subrogation claims by its insurer. 

It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to maintain proper insurance coverage for its property and liability.

GGLLC reserves the right to review and reject any application for sponsorship without prejudice.

If for any reason beyond its reasonable control, including fire, strike, earthquake, damage, construction or 

renovation to the Meeting Facility, government regulation, public catastrophe, Act of God, any similar reason, 

Green Technology shall determine that the Forum or any part may not be held, GGLLC may 

cancel the Forum or any part. In that event, GGLLC and Sponsor shall mutually determine the 

refund to the Sponsor for its share of the balance of the aggregate fees which remain after deducting all 

expenses incurred by GGLLC.

If Sponsor cancels its sponsorship, all payments made to GGLLC under this application shall 

be deemed fully earned and non refundable in consideration for expenses incurred by GGLLC lost 

or deferred opportunity to provide sponsorships to others.

Under no circumstances will any party to this agreement, any co-sponsor or the Meeting Facility or to their 

exhibit space provider be liable for lost profits or other incidental or consequential damages for any of their 

acts or omissions whatsoever, whether or not apprised of the possibility or likelihood of such damages or 

lost profits Under no circumstances shall GGLLC or Sponsor's liability exceed the amount 

actually paid by the Sponsor for the sponsorship opportunity. GGLLC makes no representations 

or warranties, including, but not limited to the number of persons who will attend the Forum.


Sponsor agrees to observe and abide by the foregoing terms and conditions and by such additional 

terms, conditions and rules made by GGLLC, and made known to the Sponsor, from time to time for 

the efficient and safe operation of the Forum. In addition to GGLLC's right to cancel sponsorship and 

withdraw its acceptance of the application, GGLLC in its sole judgment, may refuse to consider for 

participation in future events a Sponsor who violates or fails to abide by all such terms, 

conditions and rules. This application represents the entire agreement between the Sponsor and 

GGLLC concerning the subject matter of this application. GGLLC is not making any 

warranties or other agreement except as set forth above. Any amendment to this contract 

must be in writing, signed by GGLLC. 

The headings used in this agreement are for organization purposes only and are not to be used in 

the interpretation of the substance of this agreement. 

The rights of GGLLC under this agreement shall not be deemed waived except as 

specifically stated in writing and signed by an officer of GGLLC. If any term of this 

agreement shall be declared invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement shall continue 

in full force and effect.

This agreement shall be binding upon the heirs, successors and assigns of the Sponsor subject to the 

terms of the agreement regarding assignment.

Initials ___________ Revised 02/24/2012