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We Are A 'Market Development Engine' That Connect People, Business and Government To The Global Green Economy™

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The Global Green Economy

The Green Economy Comprises 5 Categories:

Smart Growth, Conservation and Pollution Mitigation, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy and Market Development

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The Categories


The global green economy generates jobs, businesses and investments while expanding clean energy production, increasing energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste and pollution, and conserving water and other natural resources. Going Green or living in a more 'sustainable way' is good for THE ECONOMY, BUSINESSES, PEOPLE & THE ENVIRONMENT.

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The core green economy comprises five categories:



Specific sectors, sub-sectors within, green collar jobs and businesses will change over time, the categories themselves will not. This provides a clear, practical and consistent framework for global, federal, state and local policy Makers and the private sector to track investments, job and business creation, and growth over time.

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