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We Are A 'Market Development Engine' That Connect People, Business and Government To The Global Green Economy™
About Us

About Us

A Market development engine focused on the global green economy.




Head Quartered in Los Angeles, California, Green Globe, LLC (the company) more is a 'Market Development Engine' - a globally focused, centralized web portal consisting of information, knowledge and resource to be used by people, business and governments focused on the Sustainability Industry and the Global Green Economy."

This connectivity provides people, business and government the tools necessary to better understand, use and take advantage of their own and each other's place, position, progress and opportunity. Combined, our suite of services will increase the speed at which these tools are put to work, accelerate implementation and decrease the time it takes to move the industry forward.  In this way the services (described below) of Green Globe, create a market development engine which empower people, business and government along with the global green economy.   

Purpose & Goal

Our purpose is to bridge the gap in communication and play making ability between people, business and government with the goal of accelerating our ability to compete in the evolution of our global green economy.  


We will accomplish this in three ways:


First, by creating, developing, and Marketing a comprehensive, centralized, easily accessible, hub of green information, knowledge, contacts, and experience necessary to participate effectively and successfully compete in the evolution of our green economy. This information is organized inside of our (8) Sustainable Minds™ more, broken down as follows, 5 Main sections:

Just 4... 'People'
Just 4... 'Business'  Available!
Just 4... 'Local' | 'State' | 'Global' Governments

Then, 3 subsections which belong to My Green Hub™: more


My Green Hub™ (capital)

My Green Hub™ (companies)

My Green Hub™ (government)

Second, by providing, outreach, education and connectivity through Green Globe Financing Forum™ more.


Last, a set of e-business and e-commerce solutions through My Sustainable Solutions™ consisting of:


E-Business Solutions - a set of solutions focused on assisting organizations with, deploying a message, finding/posting a green job, increasing brand awareness home page.


With these combined solutions, Green Globe will become a 'market development engine', a powerful tool for empowering people, business and government to succeed in the global race for leadership in the evolution of our global green economy and its marketplace.



A Personal Story

Late 2008, Began pioneering the 'Green Lending Initiative' at one of California's largest and most reputable banks.


Early 2011, Resigned from those efforts, took the leap of faith and founded, what is known today as - Green Globe,  LLC.


Thanks to Greenberg Traurig, more specifically, the early support and shared vision of Steve Jones, Green Globe, LLC was able to be formed.


February 2011 - March 2013


The initial raise needed to begin building the site was insignificant relative to earning potential.  At the time, due to market conditions, the ability to raise capital was a lengthy and difficult process. Great sacrifice was right around the corner.


Faced with a tough set of choices, the company decided not to pursue a capital raise, instead, decided to independently develop the site.  Opportunity over the course of the next 2 years would appear, but the willingness to give up 40-50% (understanding current value against the backdrop of future value) to structure a deal didn't exist. 


As of todays date, 3/9/13, the site is by no means perfect, in fact has Many imperfections, has a long way to go and could quite possibly take a lifetime to build out the vision behind the site.  That said, the site is up and operable, which houses the architecture of what will be the largest Sustainability Industry Resource on the planet.


Contact us if you are interested in becoming a(an):


 Equity Partners | Founding Sponsors | Investors | Web Developers | Consultants | Advertisers and Marketers | Organizations looking to deploy a message, program or seeking capital.



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