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We Are A 'Market Development Engine' That Connect People, Business and Government To The Global Green Economy™
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A brief investment overview of Green Globe, LLC

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Founder & CEO

Christopher M. Kimmes



0 - friends and colleagues have helped us take flight



post revenue and pre-profit



no investments, debt or equity


We are in the beginning stages of (directly or through sponsors and service providers), securing our first round of funding or strategic investment partner.  


Please contact us (bottom of the page) if you are considering investing in or establishing a strategic partnership with us.




The business and monetization model

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Green Globe, LLC is a "first of it's kind," globally focused, highly specialized, "market development engine," focused on the Sustainability Industry.


Our purpose is to bridge the gap in communication and play making ability between people, business and government. 

Our goal is to accelerate our capabilities of competing in this global race for leadership.

In other words we globally, gather, filter, centralize, then categorize information specific to the 'Sustainability Industry' to help (you) People, Business and Government do what you do best.


My Green Globe™ (web-site) contains (8) portals we call our Sustainable Minds™.


In its simplest form, the site is broken down into 5 sections.  These sections are found on the home page (http://mygreenglobe.co). Each section was created specifically for People, Business or Government and contains its own home page.  Consider each section as its own site. The 5 sections are as follows:


Each section contains 800 -1200 pages of "base architecture" logically organized into (16) "industry clusters," 

more such as (energy generation, transportation, water, etc.....)

In addition, there is a separate "sub-section" that contains:

  • My Sustainable Solutions™ more
  • Green Globe Financing Forum™ (GGFF) more

"GGFF is and has been a large focus which is intended to be the magnet for and interest behind the creation of a fund"  


Each "industry cluster" has a 'home page." Each home page contains the following centralized, clusters of information and resource: Example: Smart Grid

  • Calendars more

  • My Green Globe Productions™ more
    My Green Globe Media™ more 

  • The Sustainability Industry more 

  • My Green Hub™ more 

  • My Green Jobs™ hover or click






- - Think of the website component as Google, but "hyper focused" on the "Sustainability Industry" and without the cloudiness that seems to trouble them - -


REVENUE MODEL (summarized)


The revenue model is both complex and dynamic producing many ways it can be monetized. Keep in mind that our site is at the heart of the company and at the heart of the site is content.  Understand that the site is core(a) to our model. That said, it produces a natural opportunity to create ancillary(b) business services as part of our "market development engine" approach.





Think of the site as the beehive and the content as the honey. As for the bees, some bees bring in the honey and others need to consume it - we are after both!




In short, the following is a high level overview of this model :


(a) core 

Web Portal (the website) (the beehive)

1-) Fees generated from:

Access to our (8) Sustainable Minds™ (the content) (the combs containing the honey)


---------------everything else below this line has a method of getting honey to the hive for the use and benefit of all of the other colonies----------- 


Site Sponsorship and Strategic Partnerships(creates recipratory benefits) 

Placement in our organizational directory (how people find each other) 


(b) ancillary 

Outreach & Education (deploying messages and connecting)

1-)  Fees generated by:

 Green Globe Financing Forum™ - (connecting capital sources with those who need it) (another bee hive)




2-) Fees generated through:

 *My Green Globe Productions™ - (production of marketing videos) 

 My Green Globe Media™ - (advertising on news briefs/letters) 

*My Green Globe Media™ produces, then deploys video for our site and as a marketing service for others. Both will most often end up on the site which in the end produces content-'honey for the hive'.

My Sustainable Solutions™ (again, from the "market development engine" approach we provide e commerce and e business solutions)

1-) Fees generated from: 

e business solutions - a set of solutions providing: 

deploying an organizational message through online ads and marketing packages

posting a job through My Green Jobs™

increasing brand awareness




May 2013


Coming up on three years of development and seeking:


A modest amount of capital to act as a bridge to our first capital raise Contact Us. In addition to:


Equity Partners | Founding Sponsors | Investors | Web Developers | Consultants |Advertisers and Marketers | Organizations looking to deploy a message, program or seeking capital.


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