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We Are A 'Market Development Engine' That Connect People, Business and Government To The Global Green Economy™

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First, the vision...


My Green Globe™ (the site), is on its way to become the world's first, landing destination for all things relative to the Sustainability Industry, (aka The Global Green Economy).  

It needs to start with "connecting the dots." When the industry is simplified, it can then become easily understood.   


Bottom line: When people, business and government can locate and understand the products, services and programs each other offer, the better we can connect and the faster the industry moves forward. 



Q & A

Who should create a profile?


  • Anyone interested in the Sustainability Industry


Why should I create a profile?


  • People from business or government when conducting a search within their respective sector will be able to find you. Logically, the purpose behind a search will be to uncover, discover then connect with organizations that will assist in connecting to: or with:

    • someone within their supply chain 
    • generate a list to assist in the deployment of a program, product or service

    (Say for example, the (DOE) Department of Energy had a $100mm grant program. They were looking for qualified organizations to apply then secure for these grants. If you were a supplier of wind turbines who just so happens to qualify for a $5mm piece, you would want the DOE to find you in their search - right?)


Can I remove my profile?


  • Yes, at anytime


Can I change my profile?


  • Yes, at any time


Who will have access to my information and who will most likely will be contacting me"?  


  • A dynamic, (constantly updated) Green 8 Digit SIC data-base (a detailed business code that defines you inside of the Sustainability Industry) is a true game changer.

    For example, if you are a 'hybrid, drive-train, parts supplier,'  you should expect to be connected by people who are specifically within your industry sector, (smart transportation ) and sub-sector, () .) 


Is there a cost associated with creating a profile?


  • Heck no! Only a cost if you do not..

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