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Advertising & Marketing | Web Advertising

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Online advertising provides you with a "first of its kind opportunity" to reach a highly targeted demographic.  

As you will see, we are a non-traditional, global portal/website that allows a viewer to contextualize or see the relation between a currently fragmented industry.  The purpose in doing so is to produce information, knowledge and resource that was intended on being produced to those who are searching, nothing else.


In other words, if you are an advertiser within the "transportation cluster" of the industry and sell, lets say, batteries. When people or organizations within your supply chain or vertical are on our sites, they should expect to see only content that relates to "transportation," and nothing that doesn't; that is simply what we aim to achieve.


The purpose is to provide a "first of its kind" platform giving our advertisers the "highest and best use" of their advertising dollar.

The goal through providing such a platform is to increase the pace at which you or your organizational message is deployed, then discovered.





Notes on displaying ad placement: 

  • There are boxes on the page that are color coded with names on top.  The color coding is there to demonstrate Yellow = Warm | Orange = Hot | Red= Hottest ad placement on a typical page.. The names at the top, (example: button top/left) has a Matching description, (price, placement, etc.) that you will see under "Please consider the following solutions" later on.
CLICK 1x (then scroll up/down to reveal placement).
  • The lines that look like this: <--------end of 1st page position------> are intended to Map out the 1st, 2nd and so on... page positions. Example: If you are on a website, surfing from page to page, you May only see the 1st page (depends on the screen resolution of screen that you are using) if you do not scroll down.  Having an add placed on page 1 would typically get more eyes on it than others.
CLICK (to reveal the page postions)

A Few Features & Benefits:

    Advertising text boxes
    • hover over the logo to reveal "About"
    • hover over "Quick Link" to reveal sumMary of where the Main link in the ad travels, such as: "Services"

benefit- When a viewer knows the page they are on displays content that is relevant to them they are immeasurably more likely to look at ads.  Especially when all they have to do is hover to know who you are and what you do.


    AniMated or flashy ads

benefit- We prefer to not display, aniMation, pictures, flashy or any other like kind ads because we believe they are simply ineffective, slow down perforMance of a page, and create an unfavorable viewing experience for our visitors. If time reveals a different truth we will willingly reconsider. This is not to say we will not display them if you ask and truly think doing so will help you do what you do.



Thank you

Green Globe, LLC

Please Consider The Following Solutions.



Half Banner

Premium advertising position on the home page and other pages throughout the website.

The Details

Leaderboard Banner

Top of page placement for instant impact across the entire website.

The Details


Nice ad position featured predominately.

The Details

Medium Rectangle

On left colum - top red zone; bottom yellow zone.

The Details


low cost red zone exposure. Near footer left/center/right.

The Details

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