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Green Globe, LLC (the company) through the site (mygreenglobe.co) is a 'first of it's kind', globally focused, highly specialized, 'market development engine', focused on the Sustainability Industries.


Our purpose is to bridge the gap in communication and play making ability between People, Business, Local, State and Global Governments. 


Our goal is to accelerate our capabilities of competing in this global race for leadership.


A Call To Action . . .


Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Supporters,


As many of you are aware, the world is in desperate need for 'all humanity' as 'individuals' to become active participants in the shaping and overall health of our  "," which in turn will impact businesses, and people.


Many world renowned experts believe this translates into getting both an effective and timely knowledge-base to whomever can bring this desperately needed change about.  Key to this knowledge-base is that the information is unbiased, centralized, easy to navigate, relatively inexpensive, transparent, and most importantly, easily understood.  With this, 'all' will become empowered by the knowledge they now possess, enabling a global audience to become more informed thereby making better decisions. My friends, this  begins with You and I. 


The fruit of these actions would affect the outcome of almost everything, such as voting, investment decisions, job creation and overall opportunity. Until this occurs, we will continue to rely on tax increases and borrowing, which provides only a temporary fix, not to mention a continued financial burden on everyone while we prolong an answer for a much needed long term, global solution.


Green Globe, LLC believes one of the solutions in tackling this multi-faceted global giant is found within the "  This global renewal is core to solving issues we all have with efficiency, relative to the use of time, finance, process, people, and other resources. Along with the emergence of creating a more 'sustainable action plan' comes investing, cost reduction, job creation, and ultimately new opportunities for everyone.


Although, My Green Globe, (the site), isn't fully 'colored in', we will continue to add timely and relevant content throughout the months to come. That said, we ask that you consider becoming an early adopter.  I want to thank you in advance for aiding us in deploying this much needed model.




All the best,


Christopher M. Kimmes

Founder & CEO

Green Globe, LLC



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